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Akita Collection is a furniture series made of Cedro rosso del Giappone  di Akita, a type of wood that grows in the Akita Prefecture, northern Japan.

Japan is a highly wooded country – the third in the world, with 25 million hectares of forests – where wood has always been used for construction and furniture. Cedro rosso del Giappone di Akita, in particular, is an essence of vital importance for the Japanese life and is associated with the spiritual dimension because it often appears in
sanctuaries and it is believed that is a bridge between Heaven and Earth for deities.

The Cedro rosso del Giappone di Akita is characterized by a slow growth  with thin rings in a cold environment and it presents a strong reddish  hue, a pleasant aroma and beautiful grains.

With its presence on the Japanese soil estimated around 5.3 million  years and the discovery of an ancient estate dating back to thousand  years ago built in Cedro rosso del Giappone di Akita, this kind of wood  up to 150 years ago was one of the main materials for construction and  Japanese furniture.

Thanks to the excellent characteristics of lightness, softness and  strength, it still draws the interest of designers and architects for  the production of furniture.
It is a wood essence with a high potential, which also lends itself to  the creation of furniture thanks to the natural properties of its aroma,  which protects the wood from the action of harmful insects.

Toshiyuki Kita worked for years to revitalize the Japanese local  industries, thus has collaborated with Akita’s artisans drawing chairs,  set of tables and folding screens to bring new attention on the Japanese  style wooden furniture.

akita collection AIKAWA
akita collection AIKAWA2
akita collection YUZAWA_AIKAWA
akita collection YUZAWA
akita collection YUZAWA2
akita collection OMAGARI
akita collection OGA
akita collection ODATE
akita collection NIKAHO
akita colNOSHIRO_ajiro_koshi
akita collection YOKOTE

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